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Build Your Own Consultancy Business with The Alternative Board

Freedom. Flexibility. Financial Independence.

Are you a confident leader with a proven track record in business?

As a TAB franchisee, you will:

  • Chair regular peer advisory boards
  • Deliver 1-2-1 business coaching
  • Run consultancy projects
  • Run SLT development programmes

Use your experience and follow a proven model to really help local business owners thrive

Focus on people,
not paperwork

Inspire & impact
SME owners

Build a regular,
recurring income

Enjoy a healthy work/life balance

Stay solo or scale up
& build an asset

Be part of an incredible community

Challenge & grow

Feel valued and appreciated

Why choose TAB to power your consultancy business...

Our innovative business model goes beyond traditional coaching by building strong client relationships through regular peer advisory boards, offering multiple income streams, and maintaining long-term client retention (Hover over images for more information).


of TAB franchisees agree that leadership has a clear vision


of TAB franchisees agree they have the support of fellow franchisees


of TAB franchisees are satisfied with our training and support

Join a community of like-minded professionals

Our franchisees are confident and compelling, people who care – leaders who reap the reward of helping business owners flourish. They become pillars of their local business community whilst enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss.

I thoroughly enjoy my business development role with TAB. Each day I speak with and develop relationships with growing and ambitious businesses. It's wonderful to be playing a small part in helping them achieve their personal and business goals.

Andrew Smith, TAB Facilitator, Aberdeen-shire East

TAB gives me real independence, and the opportunity to collaborate with great people, and I’m in control of my own destiny.  At first, I thought it would simply be focused on improving performance and business change. But, I now realise it is just as much about helping people to achieve their personal vision and improving their lives – a key driver for me.

Dave McCartney, TAB Franchisee, Leeds Centre

I was a business owner before I came into TAB and the biggest difference is, now I’m with TAB, I’m running a business alongside a bunch of other people. I like what TAB does and the services we deliver, but the most important thing for me is the community.

David Abbott, TAB Franchisee, Thames Valley West

The business I have started helps me to achieve a lot of my personal goals. I won’t say it’s always been easy, but I have taken back control over my life and the rewards are certainly worth it. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Elliot Rich, TAB Franchisee, York

It was the people that drew me to TAB. Having joined, they have not disappointed me, I have seen how proactive the TAB team and my fellow franchisees are.

Helen Mill, TAB Franchisee, Aberdeen-shire East
Buying a TAB franchise was one of my best decisions. I absolutely love helping local business owners, and the model and support I received from TAB HQ have been exceptional. Now, I get well-paid doing something that is truly enjoyable and rewarding.
James Ross, TAB Franchisee, North Chilterns

I decided that a franchise was worth the investment rather than starting by myself. I wouldn’t change my decision, I have absolutely no regrets. Every day is a learning curve; we learn from each other and from the business owners we support.

Jo Croft, TAB Franchisee, Thames Valley East

What I love about TAB is the balance between professionalism, informality, and respect. I’m encouraged to express myself and play to my strengths, knowing that the integrity of the franchise will support my activities and help me succeed. Having aspired to run my own business, working with SMEs and coaching leaders, TAB has been and continues to be, a perfect match for me.

Liam Kane, TAB Franchisee, Northumberland

What I value most about TAB is that I have my independence, but I am not alone. I can focus on my strengths, and the things I most enjoy, while TAB provides the core processes, collateral, and a highly supportive community.

Martin Oakley, TAB Franchisee, Cambridge

TAB has helped me to extend my working career after  20+ years as a partner in a Big 4 accountancy firm. It offers interesting and rewarding work that leverages my core skills, but every day is different, and I am constantly learning and problem-solving

Martin Munro, TAB Franchisee, West Herts

Do what you love and achieve financial rewards

The TAB model offers a substantial and versatile opportunity for a consistent and healthy income stream. As a subscription-based model, clients pay monthly fees, which ensures a dependable
monthly income.

This stability is a contrast to the "feast or famine" model often experienced in consulting businesses. Franchisees establish themselves as trusted advisors for their clients, leading to
increased consulting income when clients require assistance. The model also presents additional income possibilities through the application of proprietary and affiliated business tools.

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Start your TAB journey

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Start a rewarding journey of TAB business ownership, with our support.