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Why choose TAB to power your franchise business

Deliver far more than just coaching

Find a real sense of financial freedom, personal satisfaction, and flexibility with a TAB franchise.

It’s about being part of something truly rewarding.

Our franchisees have helped over 25,000 business owners worldwide achieve their personal and business goals.


Multiple income streams

This is a growth market, even through periods of uncertainty, which is the world we live in today. The peer advisory boards and coaching deliver monthly recurring income, with consultancy projects and development programmes on top.

Client relationships average 4 years+

TAB is cost-effective for clients, delivering significant ongoing value, and profitable for you – WIN: WIN. The result is a four-year plus average client retention, far exceeding other dedicated business coaching operations.

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Franchisee stories that speak volumes

Achieving Business and Personal Fulfillment
by James Ross

James Ross, Managing Director of The Alternative Board North Chilterns, speaks to us about his transition from a high-stress career in investment banking to find professional success and personal fulfilment with TAB.

From Corporate Executive to TAB Board Facilitator: Jo Croft's Journey of Entrepreneurial Passion and Business Growth
by Jo Croft

Jo Croft discusses her transition from corporate executive to the owner of The Alternative Board™ Thames Valley East and her experiences as a TAB facilitator helping business owners navigate and succeed in today's rapidly changing market.

A franchise that ticked all the boxes
by Liam Kane

Liam Kane, TAB Franchisee in Northumberland, talks about how TAB ticked the boxes of what he was looking for in a career change.

Satisfaction guaranteed

This is what our franchisees have to say from our recent survey...


agree that leadership has a clear vision


agree they have the support of fellow franchisees


feel respected
and valued


are satisfied with our head office support


agree TAB is a proven business model


are proud to be a TAB franchisee

Further benefits of being a TAB Franchisee

Focus on people,
not paperwork
Inspire & impact
SME owners
Build a regular,
recurring income
Enjoy a healthy work/life balance
Stay solo or scale up
& build an asset
Be part of an incredible community
Challenge & grow
Feel valued and appreciated

Start your TAB journey

Download our prospectus to find out more about being a TAB franchisee.

If you’re still interested, arrange a call with Ed to get to know each other better.

Attend the Discovery Day in Leeds to discover whether TAB is for you and if you’re right for TAB.

Start a rewarding journey of TAB business ownership, but not alone.