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Helping business owners love their business more

Campbell Ure spent 13 years in the corporate world.


"I decided to exit, and I wanted to acquire a business. I looked at 40 or 50 businesses in central Scotland. I thought, it is tough running your own small business. You must be experts in everything. Once I had that thought, I questioned whether I wanted to throw all my eggs into one basket and buy a business that I might not know all there is to know.

At that point TAB came along and I honestly do not know if I found TAB or if TAB found me but when I heard the idea, it just made sense. Business owners need something like TAB. I met Ed Reid and a lot of TBOs and thought this is a good idea! I like the concept so here I am!"

"For anyone looking to be a TAB Franchisee, my advice is to look for members that you get on with and you respect. You respect who they are and what they do. If you have those positive relationships with your members, it’s only going to end in success."

Campbell Ure

TAB Franchisee since 2018

"For me, TAB is about helping business owners love their business more and make more money at the same time. What’s not to love!"

My greatest member success story 

This is one of my members who I mentioned earlier in the hospitality industry. He had a corporate background; he was a sales director for Coors beer. He joined TAB right before Covid and he had left corporate life and had started a drinks business where he sold drinks to restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

With Covid his business completely disappeared over night. That was a challenge. He came to board meetings; he gave a lot of thought to what he was going to do. He ended up setting up a new business with another TAB Board Member on the same board. I’m now having to move them to separate boards!

They started an E-Commerce drink business and went from nothing to 1 Million pounds in ten months.

I am proud of it from a TAB point of view. There were a lot of challenges. He brought topics up at the board meetings and discussions were had about setting up an online business. We were all nervous about how the business was going to work but now, we feel very good about it. He’ll be great!

The big thing from a board point of view is that because they shared so much in the past, they trusted each other. Because the trust was there, they could have intimate conversations about the best way to move forward for both of them. It has worked out well.

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